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September is Bedbugs Awareness Month!

Cute, cartoony Bedbugs from my Night of the Bedbugs kid's book, that is! Spread Bedbugs Awareness: • Email us your mailing address and receive a FREE color Bedbugs sketch (approx 3"x5") and tattoo. (If you have more than one child, please send names). bedbugsmonth@bedbugsmania.comSHARE with a friend to qualify for a larger Bedbugs sketch or signed book. Have your friend follow step 1 (above) and make sure they mention "(Your Name) sent me!" • Write and post a review of the book at your blog or Send us a link to qualify for a larger Bedbugs sketch or signed book. • Post a link at your site to with the official Bedbugs ribbon image. • Give someone a Bedbug Hug! Below is a smaller image of the official Bedbugs Awareness ribbon:


Bedbugs Hit The Road

Midwest fans of comics, kid's books, Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones cartoons: Stop by and see me in Madison or near Chicago the first weekend of April, and bring the kids for tons of Bedbugs Fun!

Inside Westfield Comics; Madison, Wisconsin

I'll be at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI Saturday, April 2 and Keith's Komix in Schaumburg, IL on Sunday, April 3 leading a Cartooning Workshop for kids, reading and signing my Night of the Bedbugs children's book, juggling, showing music videos and more. Click the links for more info.

Keith at Keith's Komix; Schaumburg, Illinois

Besides books, I'll have Bedbugs tees, sketches, buttons, marbles, tattoos, as well as the assorted superhero, comic book or Trollords sketches. See you here or there!


Sketchbook Month: And Your Bug Can Sing!

This Bedbugs sketch and many other will be available for purchase at the Wild Rumpus event tomorrow, Saturday, March 5 at 1 PM. Bring the kids for storytime as I read my Night of the Bedbugs (ages 2-10), juggle a bit, and teach the kids how to draw expressions and create their own characters in a cartoon workshop. I'll also debut a new Bedbugs music video, and we'll do a sing-a-long. Wild Rumpus will have the books for sale, and I'll have other Bedbugs stuff: buttons, kid's tattoos, ABC mini-comics and marbles. Sketches of another kind beginning Monday, as Sketchbook Month continues...  


Bedbugs Sketches/Prize Packages

The more people who LIKE the Bedbugs Facebook page, the more prize packages I send out. The prize now includes a 7" x 7" color Bedbugs sketch and a Bedbugs button of your choice. Two prizes are awarded every 50 new people, the first to one from the latest 50, the other to another lucky winner who's been aboard from the beginning. Below are a few of the latest sketches sent to winners...

So go sign up if you haven't already, and/or spread the word! More cool Bedbugs stuff is in the works, so the packages will be changing soon, to include some nifty things. And don't forget to visit the Bedbugs web site for free games, music videos, desktop wallpaper, and more!


Bedbugs Boogie Trailer and Web Site Launch

The new Bedbugs Boogie Animated Trailer, complete with bouncy graphics and music has gone live at YouTube. About a minute in length, it moves pretty quickly and gives a good sense of the story and tone of my Night of the Bedbugs childrens book. It's also viewable at the just-launched, which also features a six-page preview of the book, online games and activity sheets for download, Bedbugs tee shirts (more BugSwag to come) and more free stuff if you sign up to become a member of the Bedbugs Booster Club. From the site, you can also sign on to follow Bedbugs on Facebook, Twitter and via RSS. Via the Bedbugs fan page, you'll have a chance to win a Prize Package. The more friends and family you get to "Like" the page, the more winners there'll be - so spread the word!

And remember, the book is available online and in fine bookstores now.


Bedbugs Booster Club Illo

As my childrens book, Night of the Bedbugs is now in stores, we're just about ready to launch an expanded Bedbugs web site. In preparation, I did this illustration for the Bedbugs Booster Club. It's, y'know...for kids.

From the site, you can click the Bedbugs Facebook icon to become a fan and learn the latest news, get a chance to win a special Bebdugs prize package, which includes a piece of original Bedbugs art. Order the book online, or go to your local Borders or Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy. The Bedbugs bandwagon is just pulling out, folks. Climb aboard - we're just getting started.


Comics Women

It's been a good sign to see more women artists, readers and fans show up at each successive comic book convention the last several years. And they're not all in costumes, either...not that there's anything wrong with that. But with what has long been largely a boys club for decades, it's encouraging that the fan base and creative trends are broadening.

Perhaps it's because of those female artists who blazed trails over the last few decades, or the proliferation of fantasy literature and comics for girls and women the last few years. Whatever the cause or reason, it's a healthy sign for comics and reading in general.

Given the nature of my upcoming Night of the Bedbugs children's book release, many more women and Dads with kids approached my table, just as I'd like it. I'm not aiming in this regard for a small niche of fans interested mostly in dark subjects or superheroes. But even as I see improvements at comic book conventions, I can't wait to do appearances with Bedbugs books and juggling Bedbugs beanbags at libraries, classrooms and bookstores.

In the meantime, become a fan at the Bedbugs Facebook Fan Page.


Night of the Bebdugs Book

My children's book, Night of the Bedbugs is now available for pre-order. With a release date in early December, 2009 from Image/Silverline Books. You can pre-order now from our store, or from the Diamond Distributor catalog at your local comic book shop. The book will be available in bookstores March, 2010. I'll be at the MN Fall Convention today and Sunday, doing Bedbugs and other sketches, and will have Bedbugs shirts, marbles, buttons and mini-comics at the ready. Ask me to juggle Bedbugs beanbags and I'll do a little show! To keep up on further Bedbugs news, become a fan of Bedbugs on Facebook.


Bedbugs Buttons

I'll have some of these Bedbugs buttons available at the Minnesota MicroCon this Sunday. They're 2.5" in diameter. I'll also have Bedbugs tees, marbles, ABC mini-comics, original art, as well as many more preview pages from my word & picture book, Night of the Bedbugs, which is nearing completion.


Bedbugs Blueprint

I whipped up this quick blueprint yesterday for a Bedbugs item, from which we're making prototypes to have at upcoming appearances, like the Minnesota MicroCon next Sunday. Can anyone guess what it's to be?

Hint: it's a hybrid. The first to guess correctly and completely in Comments will win a plethora of other Bedbugs merchandise to be awarded at a show in person or via mail. And don't cheat: if you already know, you're ineligable. I'll give you a kiss instead.