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Tag: Cartooning


Snowboy on Whiteboard

I taught a comics & cartooning class here in Plymouth last month - had a great group of talented and engaged kids. We covered expressions, character design, story and storytelling, as well as many other drawing and comics basics. Always lotsa fun for me, and while the young artists work away I got to draw my li'l snowboy on the dry-erase board, each maybe a foot or so tall.


TothPix - CARtoons: All Show, No Go

Another fun Toth page from his hot rod CARtoons from the mid-'60s -

I don't get the final gag, exactly, 'cept the decal guy is a poser/neophyte, but the characters and cartooning here are great! Toth effortlessly swings a cartoony and expressive style here, one that'd easily have fit in the pages of MAD magazine in its early heydays.

Superb movement, gesture and body language in this panel (above). The sweep of Mr. Decal's legs as he works under the hood - those folds! That short, stocky kid leaning in, toy dragster in tow. Lovely! Wonderful faces and expressions in the middle panel of the page: the dude all nonchalant with his single-tooth smile; that kid with the over-sized Harry Carrey glasses - fun! This is the kind of cartooning we'd see more and more from Toth the rest of his career - in his character designs for cartoons, his one-shot humorous strips and daily doodles. Embarrassed, the guy makes his exit in a pose that is positively Kurtzmanesque! (More here.) Even in this simple frame of three figures with no backgrounds, notice how Toth finds way to place shadows on his figures for depth, direction and design. So many sweet details: the big grin, the spastic motion lines, dangling cigarette, questions marks over Dad's head, the twisty chinstrap, and that kid and his goofy glasses! So good. More CARtoons next week...!


Drawing With Kids

I spent Saturday drawing with kids in the Children's Pavilion at the Twin Cities Book Festival. Tried to teach 'em a thing or two about cartooning, creating characters and stories. I learned from them, too. Always do.

All kids draw. Some don't stop.

At the Festival, some kids drew known characters, some created their own. Some scribbled abstract shapes and textures. Some were off on their own, others wanted some pointers. Others called out ideas and suddenly I was taking requests. It was fun! I drew some cartoons versions of some kids who stayed by the table a while, gave 'em a little memento.

It's funny, at an early age, kids draw free 'n' easy. The sky's the limit. There are no rules. In all my drawing sessions with kids, I try to encourage that. Sure, I offer tips, tricks, guidance and insight, but It seems a mistake to shackle young kids with too many boundaries and guidelines. There will be a time for that soon enough. At some point, if a kid keeps drawing, they're gonna put in a lot of hours, learn the rules before they can break them again.

Lots more pix of the day and event viewable for anyone at my Facebook page.


Sketching at the Book Festival

I spent my Saturday drawing with kids. The folks at Rain Taxi had me out for the Twin Cities Book Festival to impart some cartooning and comics basics. Between lessons and interactions, some of the kids would shout out an idea for me to draw, and suddenly I was taking requests. I did these among many others with a thick "fine line" kid's marker...

Evil Charlie Brown Who Just Ate a Hamburger


A couple goons...

...and a barking Bone Dog...

Tomorrow: Pics of the kids drawing at the Children's Pavilion!