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Tag: Brian Augustyn


Happy Halloween: That's My Boy

Back in 1986, I was but 22 years old, and with my high school pal Scott Beaderstadt had just launched our own comic book, Trollords under our TRU Studios publishing banner. We were early to catch a wave of black-and-white comics, and did better than anticipated. We also met other self publishers, one being Ken Holewcynski of B-Movie Comics in Indiana. Ken invited our Trollords editor, Brian Augustyn and myself to contribute to a story to their horror anthology, and Brian came up with this sweet little tearjerker called That's My Boy. You can read it in its entirety in our Toons section of the site - just scroll down a bit. The panel above is my favorite, as it came out pretty much exactly as I'd envisioned, which doesn't usually happen. This story was a change of pace for me, as Trollords was mostly lighter in tone. But like Trollords, this was to be printed in black-and-white, so I wanted to utilize a variety of crosshatching, sweeping and squiggly lines to set the mood and add a creepy, curdling texture to the proceedings. In some cases, I find it still to be successful, tho if I were to draw the same story today, I'd approach it in an entirely different manner. If it were to be printed again, I'd probably fix a few things having to do with shadows, the cock of a gun (all wrong!) and the splash panel of the house on page 1, and there's one bit of continuity I'd want to make more clear, something pointed out in a review of the book by Don Thompson in The Comics Buyer's Guide (not that I'm holding onto anything...). Who knows, maybe Brian and I will have that chance sometime soon... In the meantime, please give this ol' horror comic a read, and...Happy Halloween!


Portrait of a Pal

My longtime friend, editor and collaborator, Brian Augustyn asked me to draw up a little portrait for him, and it was fun to do. He intends to use it as a profile pic option for his Facebook page, and perhaps to spur other artists to contribute one of their own.


The Confessions

My long-time pal and comics collaborator, Brian Augustyn has recently begun his own writing blog, The Confessions. The first few posts have been thoughtful and insightful, and well worth a read and regular visit, as I'd expect nothing less in the future, as well as the occasional hoped-for piece of short fiction. I've known Brian for over 25 years, and would like to think I know him better than most. With his over-six-foot frame and strong personality, he can be an imposing figure. But don't let him fool you. Inside, and within the blog lies the soul of this li'l kid.

Please do check out The Confessions and give him a read.