Storyboards: Sleeping in the Bathtub

About half (and in the past, sometimes more) of what I do is storyboard work for television commercials. Storyboard frames are quickly executed drawings to communicate a concept, and help test and plan television, movie or animated projects. I've been doing storyboards for over a decade, and find it helps me as a cartoonist, requiring me to think and work fast, and keep loose. For years, I'd color them with marker over inked drawings I'd copied on marker paper, achieving a more cartoony and clean look, but which also created an extra step and took time.


The last five years, I've skipped the inking step altogether. With these two examples above, I colored with marker over printed pencils on marker paper. I beef up some lines and spot black areas with a thick marker, and rough up and add texture with a black colored pencil. Some storyboard artists do more polished and finished frames that look nearly like finished illustration. I prefer a looser, rougher look and feel, and so work with Art Directors with a similar sensibility. The last few months, I've been coloring my penciled storyboard drawings on the computer with the Cintiq, and will share a frame or two of those tomorrow.