TothPix: Faces

Last week, artist Ashley Holt and I and others got into a lively debate about Alex Toth's work on his Facebook Wall. He issued the challenge, thus:

"I think Alex Toth was an incredibly talented artist, but his page layouts consist mostly of incredibly lazy decisions. All those silhouettes and extremely crowded close-ups.... He avoided faces so much his characters never really came to life. Anybody wanna fight about it."

Well, I don't know about a fight, but I linked to these several Toth posts I've been doing in response to show how and why I disagreed. Well, Ashley tore into my posts with a fervor and we had a fun exchange. To read it all, you may have to friend him on Facebook, which is recommended, if he'll have you. He's a great cartoonist and a brilliant caricaturist. And while I admit he's got a point or two about specific panels or Toth tendencies, I submit below for your observation and approval a couple dozen faces Toth drew which put the lie to Ashley's assertion.