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Tag: Adventure Time


Finn, Jake & Lumpy Space Princess

More Adventure Time sketches, these done while at the MIX show last weekend.

This one I did for a different look with marker and colored pencils on pastel paper...

...and this one with markers, the more traditional look of the show. I know, Lumpy Space Princess has a little crown rather than her forehead star - oh, well! And for some reason I gave Finn a curvy flaming sword.

Once I start drawing these characters, I can't seem to stop or get enough - just like watching the show!


What Time Is It?

Time for an Adventure Time sketch!

We sure love Finn and Jake & Co. here at our house. I wouldn't have expected to like it as at first glance the character designs and drawing style are a bit crude and child-like. But watch one episode and it's easy (nigh impossible not) to become hooked. The strange characters, odd stories, unexpected dialogue, wordplay and catchphrases are infectious and irresistible. It's one weird show, working on many levels, suitable for kids but what's not is no doubt over their heads. There are plenty of references, underpinnings and allusions to keep adults watching and laughing, but coming back for more. The usually-abrupt endings are to die for - they'll crack you up, have you hitting the rewind button or have you scratching your head (Wh-wh-a-a-t?! Did they just end it like that?!). Fun stuff.

Cartoon Network has released a DVD, but it contains ten random episodes, not the full first season. What the math?! Also frustrating is that not all episodes are identified by title on our DVR, so we have over 80 15-minute episodes recorded and saved. We've watched many more than once.

There are some cool toys out, but they sure are expensive - even the little ones (2" tall)! (Scroll down at the link: Chapter 4 for kids meeting creator, Pendleton Ward; Chapter 5 for toy pix.)

Oh, I'll have this (8.5 x 11") sketch for sale at the MIX show here in the Twin Cities this coming weekend. I'll be at table #30. See you there!