Superman vs. Hollywood Cover Layouts

In creating the cover for the Superman vs. Hollywood book (about which I've written here before), I was asked to do three initial layouts, then two more additional compositions. In all, we needed to suggest Superman without outright showing him. Each rejected layout shown here has its own strengths:


• the first shows a full figure, and has a pop art feel, what with the sound effects • #2 was a later exploration, and an obvious approach, suggesting the iconic action of the reveal of the logo and costume behind the street clothes; this idea has been used on other covers for pre-existing Superman-related books • The third has more action, but was a bit too literal with Supes punching out a Hollywood agent; not an easy read • The last is my favorite, with Supes in the foreground and largely in silhouette, striking a confrontational before a movie theater marquee, on which would be displayed the book title I can see why the final cover art was chosen, as it retains the confrontational elements, while adding more action lacking in others. It was a fun project, all in all, and its always a kick to see the final art in print.

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