Softball in the Snow

One of the perks of working at home is that I've been able to walk my girls to the bus most mornings, and be here when they arrive home from school. As long as they're interested, I'll take advantage of the opportunity, 'cause I love it and simply 'cause I can. It seems both girls like it, and may even appreciate it more when they're all grown up. You can't buy that kind of time together, and can't beat the power of those personal rituals.


Since second grade began for Emily last September, while she and I have been waiting for the bus nearly every morning, we play catch. In an act of defiance against the frigid cold and harsh Winter, we toss back and forth a 16" softball 'til the bus arrives at our driveway. We've experimented with and have honed a handful of trick tosses and catches, with high or straight throws, and a variety of spinners. With all this practice, Emily's improved skills and confidence, and during the cold months, no less. We've played catch whether it's been below zero or during a blizzard. It helps keep us warm, or busy, at least, and we have a blast.


When we see the bus coming, I send her off with a mantra: "Be good; work hard; be smart; have fun; and most all -- be cool!" Her trusty bus driver, Troy is always friendly and fun. The mornings wouldn't be the same without him. Troy whisks all the kids off to school, and it's back to work for me.


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