Sketchbook Month: Alive Day II

Two years ago today I slid sideways on a snowmobile into a tree. I broke at least eleven bones and punctured my lung, had two three-day stints in the hospital, shortly after developed PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and became sleep deprived. I'm very grateful to be here to type this post, one way I'm celebrating my second Alive Day! In some ways I'm surprised it's taking so long to recover, physically, emotionally, psychologically, but on the other hand I'm a little startled when I have a flash of panic or anxiety, as it's happening less frequently and is certainly less severe. Due to a truly bad night of sleep the night before last, I had my worst day in a long while yesterday, so I know this will take some more time to heal, and fully ween myself off all medications. But I'm getting better and better generally, one day at a time. I'm so happy to draw, play piano and sing, chat and hang with friends, and spend time with my wife and daughters. I love them more than they know, though I show and tell them often. Due to this, I can sometimes be more edgy and impatient than I used to be, so try to keep those instances and bad habits to a minimum. At my best, I recall how close I came to losing it all, to them losing me, so keep calm and regain perspective. It shouldn't take something as severe as this to remind us to appreciate life and love those close to us. But, whatever...we're all human, and I'll take it and use it. 'Cause none of us know when will be our last Alive Day.  

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