Another stab at a quick sketch with the Cintiq, this time of Mark Twain. I'm certainly getting more comfortable drawing on the screen, but am still experimenting with file size, various brushes and effects. Not there yet, for my liking, better getting closer. I am continuing to use the Cintiq for coloring storyboard work, and am pleased I've already been able to get more of the look I achieve with markers. Plus, I've been doing layouts on screen for a variety of jobs and projects. I'm not sure it's saving me time yet, but I can see it will in a short time. I've got to read more Twain. I've really only read Huck and Tom Sawyer, but have always wanted to delve into his other novels and short stories. Dare I make the resolution to fit it in before the Winter is over here in Minnesota? I fear it would share the same fate as my goal to read Moby Dick last Winter. I got as far as "Call me Ishmael." Still, Twain's got to be easier reading than Melville, right?

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