PROOF Short Story: Lodged

Last month I completed my seven-page story for the Image comic, Proof. It's called Lodged, to appear in issue 16, on the stands in just a couple weeks, January 28.

The covers to issues 16 and 18  by artist Riley Rossmo.

Stop by your local comics shop to pick up a copy with my first comic book work in over a decade. Or, order a copy online at heavyink.com, though it'll probably arrive in your mailbox about a week later. Proof's a great book, Proof being Bigfoot in a suit, and it's a super time to hop aboard if you've missed it so far. The first two volumes set up the series characters and conflicts, and issue 17 will begin the fourth story arc which delves into Proof's intriguing past. Read my previous Proof posts here.

Come on, if you're not already, read Proof. You don't want to disappoint the ink monkey.

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