People Watching & Mall Sketching

On Sunday, I took my daughter and her friend to the nearby mall. While they shopped, I sat and drew, pencil and Pentel Pocket Brush in hand. It was fun to people watch and surreptitiously sketch. It wasn't too crowded yet, so I had to be careful.

Not careful enough, apparently, as this guy caught me early on during my quick pencil rough. I smiled back and continued, but he got up and left. I had to finish it from my rough and memory. I saw him later sitting elsewhere, but left him alone.

I wish I caught better the gesture and body language on this lady...

Pretty good on this guy, but he was sitting still...

This little girl caught my eye, little head, big coat, skinny legs, but I had to work quickly as she walked along with her mom. I did this one in about 15-20 seconds.

I'll post the rest soon.

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