Obama: A Lot On His Plate

Trying my hand at a new area of illustration, I began exploring this political idea featuring President Obama. He's got a lot on his plate, but I was looking to stress he might be taking on more than he can chew.

I began by sketching what I'd seen in my mind's eye when the concept first came to me. I wanted Obama to be as big in the piece as possible, but wondered if he should be smaller in comparison to the plate, to exaggerate more his task or goals and really make the point. Quick sketches like this only take a minute or two, so it's no big deal and well worth it to explore other approaches.

I tried a profile with a bigger plate, but didn't like it much. The third sketch is the avenue I'd take if I were going for a true editorial cartoon look and tone. But that's not the kind of work I'm looking to do. I'm shooting for editorial illustration, pieces that would accompany an article in a magazine or on line. So  I reverted back to my original path, trying to make the plate and its contents as large in the piece as possible.

My first pencil was too cartoony, so I abandoned it and dove in again. Here's the final inked piece:

View the final color art in the Blue Moon Gallery.

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