Number Crunchers

My best friend in kindergarten lives 5-10 minutes away, even though we grew up in another state. For several years now I've done illustration work for him, a prominent accountant who does business valuations. In an industry he and his partner view as staid, they like to mix it up and have a little fun in their ads and mailings. That's where I come in.

I did this sketch last year around this time, but it was shelved when we went with another concept. Last month when the time came for their next ad, we dusted off this concept. I gave them robo-boots and gloves to become Super Number Crunchers and help their ad stand out.

Going to final art, I changed the pose on one of the characters to face him more directly to the viewer, and improve spacing and composition. I also enjoyed messing with some new textures in Adobe Illustrator.

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