Move On, Already!

It was weird watching baseball on TV opening day last Monday, with big, fluffy snowflakes falling here in Minnesota. We got 4-5 inches that day. And though it all melted during the rest of the week, we got a little more snow yesterday. It's Spring, can't Winter take a hint?!? They're out there playing baseball, for gosh sakes! And I see I'm not the only one who feels this way:





One great thing about comic strips is how they can sum up or comment on a mood or idea so quickly; in and out. The first features Nancy, currently drawn by Guy Gilchrist. Blog nod: Heidi MacDonald's The Beat. The second: I receive Mutts comics every day via email. It's easy for you to do the same to read regularly Patrick McDonnell's timeless strip. Lastly, of course, features good ol' Charlie Brown in an edited Sunday Peanuts strip from late March, 1956. You gotta admire that kid's tenacity...or is it stubborness?

And if you think I'm done writing about Spring, snow and baseball, just wait....

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