MN MicroCon 2008

The comics show Sunday was a lot of fun, if a little chilly. Seems fitting, as the two-day show last October was sweltering and sweaty. Go figure. That's Minnesota weather for you. I got a good reaction to the Bedbugs ABCs mini-comics, and to Bedbugs in general. Now I'm brimming with ideas and plans for our li'l yellow pals, with an eye towards the to-be-expanded-and-enlarged two-day show this October 4 & 5. My daughter, Emily joined me and sold out of her homemade Funky Munky Kookies. Friend and superhero artist, Doug Mahnke has the empty cookie bag to prove how fast they went.




Good ol' Zander Cannon was on hand, as usual, with his similarly-named studio mate, Kevin Cannon (not pictured). Both guys are always so nice to do sketches for my girls -- thanks, guys! Zander has the dubious distinction of being a Trollords fan; thanks for the early support, Zander! These two are beginning another graphic novel project, so have three that will be released in 2009. Look for Kevin's Far Arden, coming out this Friday, and read their Big Time Attic blog, always a treat, including Kevin's report on this very same show.


I just realized I've known MCAD teacher and 11-year Batman inker, Terry Beatty for almost thirty years! Where did the time go, Terry? Mostly spent at the drawing board, I guess. I've been a guest to a couple of Terry's classes and caught up with a couple of his students at the con. Terry's got a blog, too, and shows off some mean sculptures at Terry's web site.


Joel "Mojo" Moen was one of the first fans I met after moving up to Minnesota from Chicago fifteen years ago. I've always enjoyed chatting it up with Mojo, now for several years as a pro inker himself. He's currently inking a story penciled by pal and fellow storyboard artist Peter Krause.


Sam Hiti was kicking back near the end of the show. A bold a prolific cartoonist, he's busy on a 250-page graphic novel. Order his Tiempos Finales and other books or sketches at the Sam Hiti web site. Many other folks were at the show, but I didn't have my camera handy for shots of Dan Jurgens, Gordon Purcell, Jeff Limke, Cedric Hohnstadt and others. Maybe this Fall?

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