Lots More Comics for Jewish Kids

Since my last post on the Jewish Kids Comics series, we've done a few more installments, and I've now added them to the Blue Moon Studios Prime Projects section of the site (click link & scroll down), as well as in Photos at my Facebook page.

The series continues to be a challenge and delight, as we cover many aspects of Jewish life and culture, including the Hebrew alphabet, Jewish history, holidays and diet.

Every once in a while I get to throw in a little pun, like the Wild Lunch lunchbox, or my wife, Mary gets to color kids with different funny shades and colors.

The scripts and stories also deal with suggestions and reminders for kids on how and when to help others, and how to work together.

To read some or all of these stories in the entirety check either of the links above. We've already completed another installment, which I'll post as soon as I get the high sign.

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