Not So Little Voice

I've been listening to Little Voice, the debut album from Sara Bareilles since its release in July, and have no desire to stop. Each song by this singer-songwriter is a gem. Her supple voice and solid piano are front and center throughout, as Bareilles deftly handles a plethora of genres, covering pop, rock, R&B, soul, as well as quieter confessionals, most with a bluesy or jazzy touch. sara-bareilles.jpg The production is big when it needs to be, each song arranged perfectly, employing just the right instruments, or Sara's own multi-layered backing vocals. Her lyrics are sharp and memorable, delivered with subtle or punchy style as is called for. With her first single, "Love Song," she finds a clever twist in well-mined turf. And the rest are also just a plain pleasure to listen to. Usually, when I find an artist I like I can't wait for more, for their follow-up to be released as soon as possible. Not so with Little Voice. This one will do more than fine for quite a while longer.

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