Life Drawing in January

I joined my pals, Sean Lynch, Sam Hiti and Peter Wartman for a life drawing session at Sean's place on a Sunday in January. Like Sam said, you're probably gonna have a good session if your model has pink hair! It was real good to blow it out and draw like this for 2.5 hours intensely, and especially from life. I find I prefer this in general to nude models, which is obviously instructive, but practicing clothing folds and natural poses have much more to do with my daily work, both professional and personal.

We met once again since, and I hope to again...perhaps this Sunday?

lifedraw-14_A_purple     lifedraw-14_E lifedraw-14_F   lifedraw-14_H lifedraw-14_I lifedraw-14_J   lifedraw_sam-sean,jpg

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