Grampa Fisheye, Revisited

Having done a character sketch based on a photo, I tried a few more stabs at Grampa Fisheye without the benefit of reference, save but my initial drawing. It's a challenge to keep on model as one explores various angles and expressions. What is lost in this process? What is gained? The old coot can't always be grumpy, so a smiley profile was up next... He still kinda looks like himself. Not bad. But not so great with the arms & shoulders. How about a full figure shot? I tried to expand on the character, add personality with body language and gesture. This is the pose that first popped into my head after that initial sketch. But the details we're foggy. I wasn't sure what he was going to do with his hands, which tell a story. Somehow I ended up drawing him pulling his wallet from his pocket, perhaps suggested by him leaning forwards, finger on chin. Now I figure he may be considering a purchase at a garage sale. There's more than a little of my Mom's Uncle Bill in these two drawings above. As I set out, I just wanted to draw like myself, in my own style, but had the work of Alex Toth in the back of my mind. It didn't turn out that way at all. I see some Robert Crumb and Will Eisner influence crept into the drawing. That might have something to do with the nature of the Manga Studio pen tool? One more... For this one, I first did a quick rough, inking on another layer. I wanted him to be giving the viewer the Hairy Eyeball, but from a different angle. I was going for less harsh and crusty, but wonder if he became too round and friendly? This drawing reminds me a bit of character actor S.Z. Sakall. Hmm. Uncle Fisheye. Will he appear in a story or comic, or is this it for him? Time and the creative process will tell...  

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