PROOF trade paperback in May


I'd mentioned last December the new comic book, Proof, from Image Comics, co-created and written by my pal, Alex Grecian. The series is making quite a splash, some may say the surprise hit of the year, and has been nominated for many of Britain's Eagle Awards. Issue 6 was just released, with #7 due out in a couple weeks. True to their word, Alex and his artist co-conspirator, Riley Rossmo have delivered their new book monthly, with more already in the can. For those who've been late to the series, it'll be easy to catch up, as the first story arc, Goatsucker, is to be collected and released in May, at the special, low introductory price of just under $10! So jump on board and catch up with the series, now beginning a new three-issue story, promising plenty of action and, as usual, weirdness galore. And check this blog tomorrow, for more Blue Moon/Proof-related news!

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