Comics Panel: Ink to Color

Sometimes the look of a comics panel can change between the inking and coloring phase to aid and enhance clarity, mood, tone, character and storytelling. Many times it's planned, but in other cases as you go.In the case of this frame, I plotted out the color treatment from the get-go, which was indicated in my roughs. But there's no need, and in the digital age a waste of time to include all elements in the line art. In this panel, these four kids are making a transition from something of another world or reality back to their home turf and original state. I had limited space to make that transformation happen in a clear way. This story has to do with giraffes, so I used the spots pattern as a background element to convey movement and flow. On the left, the spots and background yellow are darker and saturated, both fading towards the right. The coloring on the kids is also then treated more surreal fashion on the left (as a darker violet knock-out) becoming more natural and representational as we flow to the right. The kids are topsy-turvy and in close up at first, then shown in full figure moving across, as they become less disoriented, two of the boys grounded to their surroundings with simple shadows. A small portion of a  fence (established earlier in the story) is shown in the lower right to indicate place. Yep, all that thought and planning for but one simple cartooned comics panel. Whoa! From a series I draw of comics for Jewish kids.

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