Comics For Kids' Health

In the late '90s, BlueCross BlueShield tapped me to draw a strip called Healthy Street for their quarterly magazine/newsletter, the BCSB Health Journal. Distributed to hundreds of thousands of households in the Midwest, they found comics to be a clear, entertaining and effective method to carry their message to families about children's health and safety issues, such as diet, TV violence, second-hand smoke, fire safety, car seats, bike helmets and many others. hst_helmet_smalljpg.jpg Written by friend, Cindy Goff, it was originally conceived to feature baby Katie, who, not being able yet to speak, offered ironic, comedic or insightful commentary through thought balloons. That Katie is a sharp one! As the strip format expanded and contracted with space considerations, the character of Katie evolved and aged, growing a bit older to better deal with health concerns for toddlers and young children. It was fun to grow the strip along with Katie, to get the chance to apply the medium of comics to these important issues to a broad audience, in a light and entertaining manner. Comics, a hybrid of words and pictures, attracts people because of their visual nature, and therefore can also convey sometimes complex ideas in seconds. When married with the right words, even more supporting information can be gotten across. That particular combination or synergy is what really gets my juices flowing. A dozen or so Healthy Street comic strips are readable here on our web site in their entirety.

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