Comics for Jewish Kids: Chanukah

We're now into our third year of a comics series for Kid's Zone magazine which is becoming more and more fun as we do it. The scripts we're getting are even more inventive and refined than earlier stories, taking advantage of what can be done with comics. In this Chanukah story, I got to draw an old talking tree and a talking candle. Fun! Read the whole story (and the rest of the series) at our Prime Projects section of this site, and learn more details of the comics and creative process in previous posts.

All these comics I draw the old-fashioned way by hand, then they're scanned and colored digitally. The line art is converted into paths and shapes with Adobe Illustrator (rather than Photoshop) so Mary can color away. One she's done, I tweak the color here and there and do all the lettering and word balloons with a font based on my comics lettering style, which means it ends up looking just as if I did it all by hand. It also gives us more freedom and options in making changes to the art or dialogue. Even though we've streamlined the process to be quicker, cleaner and more effective, I'll soon be experimenting to simplify the process further, about which I'll write about here. Stay tuned!

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