Color Sketch: Thing


I still attend the occasional comic book convention, but usually only the local Minnesota cons twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. I take the opportunity to do a few convention sketches. The Thing from The Fantastic Four was heavy on my mind at this time, apparently, and this sketch now hangs on the wall of a fan. Twenty years ago in my early days of self publishing, I'd cart my brush and ink with me to all shows, and eventually found it cumbersome and messy. Within a few years I developed a process of doing color sketches on colored paper. Dark paper works best, at least a mid-tone. I begin with a thin black line drawing, beefing it up and adding shadows with a thicker black marker, then add the punch with color pencils and Bic Wite-out pen. The materials travel easy and are virtually no-mess. I can execute these quickly and still achieve a colorful image that pops.

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