Cintiq Sketch


I've had my Wacom Cintiq screen for a couple weeks, and am still getting used to it. I did this sketch on screen using some new free Photoshop brushes I was finally able to install, after reading about them on my buddy, Cedric's blog. This quick sketch is from a photo of a young singer, Missy Higgins, whom I hadn't heard before today. I've got the Cintiq semi-configured with my Apple Cinema Display, so I'm using a multi-screen set-up for the first time. I had a large Wacom Graphic Tablet for several years, but it is another thing to be able to draw directly on the screen. I've spent so many years at the drawing table, I know I'll never give that up. But today colored my first storyboard job on the Cintiq. I still started with scanned pencils, but instead using my typical process of printing those on marker paper and coloring with markers and colored pencils, I went to town on them on screen. This method saves a couple steps without losing the rough, loose look I like for my boards. I'm sure I'll be able to attain a less digital look the more I work with it. I'll post a couple choice frames if and when I get the go-ahead from the client.

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