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Man Faces

Robert Ryan, from the noir movie, Crossfire, and The Newt.


Sketching Campaign 2008, Part 3

A straightforward rendition of Obama, done directly with my trusty Pentel Brush Pen.

A variety of approaches in pencil: slightly distorted & serious; exaggerated caricature; rock star.

Some late-night Obama sketching from earlier this year, done with a green ball point pen I had on hand. It's been fun doing these campaign sketches; I haven't posted about this material since February, and April when I did a campaign illustration for Scholastic.  I've got maybe one more day in me.


Sketching Campaign 2008, Part 2

Resuming my campaign '08 sketching after yesterday's cheery Cubs post. Tomorrow: Obama doodles.


Sketching Campaign 2008

More tomorrow.


Minnesota FallCon Sketch Cards

I'll be attending the Minnesota FallCon October 4 & 5. I've been appearing at this show for years, even before I moved up here from Chicago now over fifteen years ago. The show is run by the nicest group of guys you'll find, true comic book fans who couldn't treat better the attendees and guests. Stop on by and say hello! To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the annual Minnesota Fall comic book convention, cartoonists across the country have contributed collectible sketch cards, some that will given to convention attendees, and some auctioned for charity. Many cards are viewable at the site; just scroll down a tad and click artist names to see cards that might soon be yours. And here are my contributions, featuring characters from projects past, present and future.


World Worn

I posted previously a couple sick & tired drawings, from quite a bit back, while I was experimenting more with the Hunt crow quill and various textures. Here are a few more I drew a few years later to expand the collection for a mini-comic I sold at comic shows. These guys are beaten down by life, and can't seem to escape even in their dreams. I used no thumbprints on these, but rather messed with textures achieved with grease pencil, dry brush,  sponge, and toothbrush spatter.



Tickling Elvis

Between my regular gigs, work continues on the short story to appear in the Image comic book, Proof. Layouts are almost done, and I'm eager to start on the final art. For now, here's a quick preview of one more panel.


Elvis Chesnutt has an idea to tickle someone -- who, I wonder?!? Right now, creator Alex Grecian and I have it slotted for Proof # 17. Hop aboard to Proof Express before it passes you by. Issue 9 is due out soon, but you can catch up with the Proof trade paperback (collecting issues 1-5), out now.


PROOF Short Story Layouts

Between other jobs, I've been working on roughs and layouts for that back-up story for the Proof comic book I mentioned here a bit back. For "thinking work" like this, I like to get out of the studio sometimes, and kick back a bit, more comfy-style. That was easier to do this week since it's finally warming up here in Minnesota, so I was able to get some sun or at least fresh air as I sketched away while sitting on the deck or patio. Lately, for my comics work, I've been doing breakdowns for each page right on the printed script in red pen. No one else (not even the writer, I'd guess) can tell what the heck's going on in these tiny page roughs, maybe 3" tall. If I wait too long before going to the next step, even I can't decipher some of the strange scribblings!


The next step is to do a larger layout. These I do at print size, so I can get a more clear idea of the actual size and proportions of things as it will appear to readers. I'm showing here just a few panels from this page, so as not to give away too much or ruin the story for those who'll read it later when it sees print.


I like to draw these layouts quickly in marker to figure composition, character expressions and gestures. For me, word balloon placement is integral to the page and panel design, so I draw those in at this stage, rather than later, to allow enough room for both word and pictures, that they support each other and work together seamlessly. Boy, there's just nothing I like doing more than this. Comics! I hear more and more comics artists are printing their layouts in non-repro blue on larger sheets or bristol, and that's what I'm planning to finally try for this story. I'm getting awful tired of transferring pencils to board on my light table. It seems like an extra step to me more than ever, and I'd rather streamline the process. We'll see how it goes....


Feeling Lucky?


Like a fine wine, Clint improves with age. Ten minute sketch with my trusty woodless pencil.


Hellboy Sketch


This Hellboy color sketch and others will be for sale at the one-day Minneapolis comic book convention at which I'll be appearing this Sunday, April 27. I do these with black marker, color pencils and a dash of Wite-Out on colored paper. It looks to be chilly and maybe rainy, a good day for a con. Stop on by!