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Polanski: Great Artist, Bad Man

I've longed for this day, hoping he sees time in jail, a feeling only deepened now that I've a daughter who is thirteen. It's maddened me he's been able to skirt this so long, and troubled and saddened me that the Hollywood community would applaud and cheer him at the Oscars, while booing others like Elia Kazan. A skewed compass, I guess.

Anyway, I'd recommend everyone see The Pianist once, and Chinatown more than once.


Creased and Content

Another in a series of sketches of Old Men. As with other recently, it was done with a Copic Multiliner and Pocket Brush. Added a bit of color this time, roughed the border edges with a Photoshop Chalk brush. Fun!


Yea, Indeed I dared to scan, This Sketch of Demon Etrigan!

Another sketch prepared for the MN Fall Con. OK, so I like scary, ugly demon characters!

It's on 9x12 Canson pastel paper, drawn with Copic black markers, augmented with Prismacolor pencils and a dash or two of Wite-Out.


Come Blow Your Horn

A quick sketch of reggae/rapper Matisyahu, blowing the shofar, or ram's horn at the wailing wall. Executed with the Copic Multiliner and a pretty dry Pentel Pocket Brush. I need some new ink cartridge refills. If you haven't heard it, check out his cover of John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels." Best wishes to all of the Jewish faith during these High Holy Days!


Hellboy Lighting San Cristobal

Another Hellboy sketch, this time in black and white, prepared for the MN Fall Con. This one's larger at 11x14 on vellum bristol board done with a larger Copic marker and the Pentel Pocket Brush.

For me, in drawing this, the small detail of the skull lighter was key.




No superhero character got into my brain as a kid and teen like Spider-Man did. I adorned my school folders and book covers and marker boxes with the very flexible hero. My room was covered with Spidey posters and paraphenalia - a clock, pillows, figures, etc.

There's something about the weird costume, the webbing and the red a blue that trips some synapse in my brain and makes it tingle, something of a spider-sense. The costume is a pain to draw, with all that webbing, and the elaborate curves throughout. But somehow the design is elegant and The design seems at odds with the character's name. One would think with a name like that, he'd be dark and scary and threatening, yet this uniform says something about the character, about the young man beneath the suit, an act of defiance against the sadness and awkwardness in his life. Instead of reacting with a grim focus and vengeance like The Batman, Peter Parker chooses to be bright and cheerful and...Your friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Update: 9/27/09 - After looking at this piece hanging in my studio the last five days, I decided it could use some more pop and punch. I'd initially figured a yellow webbing design within the circle border would be too busy. But I've added it, as we ll as yellow rim lighting, and violet underlighting. It's in keeping with co-creator Steve Ditko, who utilized the multiple light source on Spidey many times, especially on covers.


Demon Sketch

Jack Kirby's Demon, done on 6x7 vellum bristol, with a Copic Multiliner, Pentel Pocket Brush, and and a bit of grease pencil. I'll have it for sale at the MN FallCon.


Hellboy in my Head

I woke up with this Hellboy image in my head, so I drew it up quick on colored paper with marker, colored pencils and wite-out on 9x12 pastel paper. I'll have it for sale at the MN Fall Con, October 10 & 11.


Smile Away!

I was walking down the street the other day Who did I meet I met a friend of mine and he did say Man I can smell your breath a mile away Smile away, smile away, smile away, yeah smile away

Paul McCartney


Old Man Writing

Sketching is thinking is writing is ruminating is creating is challenging is cathartic. So let's get out there and think, write, draw, create!