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Long Night

sketch_santa_longnight_blog Christmas hangover.


TothPix: Happy New Year!

Okay, so I re-wrote the text from this Alex Toth comics panel. Sue me.

Best to you and yours this holiday season and for the coming New Year.


Christmas Deadlines


I know - not so cheery. Just an image/idea that came to me, though I'm not particularly feeling Christmas stress this year - I can't afford to.  C'mon, even Santa has to take the edge off as the Dreaded Deadline Doom looms....

With a lot of my drawings lately I've planned them for color, but sometimes like the black & white art better. Not so with this one. It works all right, but seems way too busy to me. The dramatic, muted flat color helps simplify the piece some. It began simpler, with a very rough pencil, leaving much of the drawing again left for the inking stage. As I drew, I added detail and busy-ness - too much, as I said.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Blue Moon Studios! Check out our Halloween-related posts from the last four years...


Alphabeasts: B is for Bloody Bones

It's week 2 for the 26-week Alphabeasts project, a blog where artists of all types and stripes contribute a mythical creature or beasty any old way that suits them, as long as it's a new drawing or sketch of a creature whose name begins with the letter for that week. For my part this time: Bloody Bones.

My goal is to mix up the medium or approach as dictated by the beast I choose each week, experiment and explore, but always with an eye on simplicity, design, composition and color. This dude was drawn in Manga Studio, colored in Photoshop. These creatures are open in most cases to wide interpretation. Rather than going with the pile of bones or skeleton in the kitchen cabinet, I opted for the bloody skeleton hovering over a pond. So much fun, and just in time for Halloween!

Check out the cornucopia of creatures by an amazing array of artists at the Alphabeasts archive, and be sure to check in every Monday!



I'd been wanting to do this piece for a good long while.


Memorial Day 2011

“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace,  for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” Douglas MacArthur


Christmas Knick-Knacks

The Blue Moon Crew got a late start decorating for Christmas this year, but it was fun to put stuff up quickly and just pick out and put out our favorites. Some are old, passed down from earlier generations, others hand-made, some added to the collection over the years.

In the center, the odd curly-cue Christmas Tree Lady is an addition from about a decade back, and is actually a Christmas card holder. In front is figurine Laura made last Christmas, a slug or frog holding a Bedbug, and a white frog figurine I snagged in the early-'80s. On either side are NO-EL cherub/elf candle holders. These were my Grammy's, passed on to me by my godmother, Aunt Sheri. I remember seeing these on her shelf when I was 4-5 years old. I wonder how old they are?

Both ornaments here are also very old, the little elf another of my Grammy's. The round white ornament has shown its age for a long time now, but is nice and glowy if you get a bulb right behind/next to it.

My mom gave me the sled on year, maybe '85, and had them paint "Rosebud" on it - very thoughtful, since I'm such a fan of Citizen Kane. The classic Mickey Mouse is beautifully sculpted and one of the faves of all in the house. Just to the left you can catch a glimpse of Beanish from Larry Marder's Beanworld, made with Sculpy for her sis by Laura.

Another view of the first group, including a newer angel who moves about the house, year to year.

All these and many more always bring a smile to my face each Christmas as we're decorating, and some bring a tear...not that that's too hard with me. No doubt you have your favorites that hold great emotional and sentimental value, bringing to mind childhood Christmases or those loved ones no longer with us. And someday I'll pass these on to my kids, who'll string a tree with kids of their own, perhaps. I hope I'm there to see that.


Christmas Bunny

A hand-drawn gift from Laura for her sister, Emily. Look carefully.


'Buggy Li'l Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Bedbugs!