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TothPix: Sandman

Toth's tribute to Bert Christman's Golden Age Sandman:


I cropped and rotated the above image, from Toth's original drawing, which I find busy, due to the background pattern. This piece was scanned from the rare book, Toth: Black & White (1999).



TothPix: Foxes!


Yes, lets! Here's some of Toth's take on The Fox, the hero first drawn by Irwin Hasen.

These first few are panels from the comics Toth drew for Red Circle in 1983.






And a few small sketches of Toth's revamped Fox...



Let us conclude, wot?


Drawing Superman

For a sketch group I belong to, an image popped into my head for Superman. I sketched it up and did the line work in Manga Studio, coloring in Photoshop. The whole thing took less than an hour.


Rather than a heroic pose or action scene, what came to me was the hometown boy returning to the farmstead where he was raised. I'd been drawing during the same period images of a friend visiting the crash site of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper, so melancholy fields were on my mind.


Mad Paul Goes Trollin'

Nothing like a teacher stalking you - just ask my student, Chan. A couple weeks ago, I popped in on one of her live streaming video sketch sessions (just to see what the kids are up to these days). She enjoyed so much me peeking over her virtual shoulder as she drew, I'm sure, and bristled when I gave her some crap about her lack of backgrounds on some pages. Just what she wanted to hear!

So she answered with these quick sketches, which I screencapped, just before she erased them:




Maybe I'll pay her another visit soon...?


The Batman

The Batman

Convention drawing, SpringCon, MN, 2013.


TothPix: Space Ghost Comics

I was pleased to discover a few years ago that Toth had drawn a Space Ghost comic book story (TV Stars #3 (1978), all five pages of which I present below. I cleaned up and tweaked the images as best I could - remastered, if you will. Enjoy!

SG_pilgreen01 SG_pilgreen02 SG_pilgreen03 SG_pilgreen04 SG_pilgreen05

Mark Evanier's title is a play on Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, which doesn't have anything to do with the story, really. Funny that while the character is named "Pilgreem" throughout the story, lettered by Toth, near as I can tell, whoever lettered the title (might've also been Toth) misspelled it as "Pilgreen." Whoops!

I love the design and set-up of the splash panel. Jan never looked curvier than in the 1st panel on page 3. There's a gorgeous sweep and flow to the last three panels of page 3, and the first three of page 4. And it'd be great to see the black and white art of the final panel of that same page to better check out the sexy lady alien feeding Buzzard grapes.

All in all, a tasty trifle, and great to see Toth handle these characters in print.

Extra! Space Ghost links, model sheets and video.

Next: The Many Moods of Toth, a gallery of faces and expressions.


TothPix: Foxy Shadows




New Tools

Trying out the Zebra brush pens Mitch Gerads gave me last night. Used in tandem with my trusty Pentel Pocket Brush, I may be honing in on the look for a crime comic project.


Space Kid!

Fan art for a friend (from a flounder) -

Go read John MacLeod's Space Kid! Three complete stories are already up at the webcomics site, so you can catch up and get current with the latest adventure, Barbarians of Mars!


Nepali Boy: Roughs to Inks

I haven't been sketching for its own sake the last couple weeks, obsessed instead with finishing the 15-page first chapter of my Méto the Abominable Snowboy comic. It's all drawn in Manga Studio. I skip the pencil step, drawing/inking from roughs. I love this process, as I can undo a stroke quickly and try again, leading to loose and expressive line work. No Wite-Out needed, either - I can just erase the ink on my Magic Drawing Glass!