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Blue Moon Crew

Concerning the doings of Blue Moon Studios and the Fricke Family: The Blue Moon Crew

Blue Moon Christmas Bloopers

Here's a little slideshow of bloopers and out takes from our Christmas card photo shoot. Sometimes poses were good, but faces goofy, other time faces were fine but poses stiff. And to keep things loosened up and fun, the girls goofed around between mini-sessions.

And posing with Laura is a friend's guinea pig, Scooter, who's our special Christmas guest this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy & Healthy Holidays from the Blue Moon Crew!


Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas from the Blue Moon Crew (Emily, Laura, Mary & Paul) and the Bedbugs!


Handmade Christmas Figurines and Ornaments

Our daughter, Laura made these figurines and ornaments using Sculpy, as gifts for friends and family. Look closely and you may recognize a familiar little character!


Dance of the ElfDaughters and Sugarplum Rats

My daughters made this video after learning of it from friends. A free service called Elf Yourself to share and view brought to you by Office Max via JibJab. Tons of fun and easy to do, it's good for a laugh and a way to customize something for Chrsitmas. There are many variations, so have at it! Only $5 to download a generated copy for posterity.


Bedbugs Boogie!

The Bedbugs Boogie Music Video, the first of a few songs and trailers supporting my children's book, Night of the Bedbugs.


Bedbugs Boogie Music Video: Behind the Scenes

This past Sunday we shot the video for the first Bedbugs trailer, a live music performance of a song I wrote to accompany Night of the Bedbugs, my children's book due soon from Silverline Books. With the help of the Bedbugs Backup Singers, we rehearsed and did six takes of the Bedbugs Boogie, a rollicking, bluesy call-and-response number. All the girls did a great job learning the tune and their parts both vocal and choreographed.

My pal, Mitch loaned us the perfect tripod. We taped sheets with large print of the lyrics and direction on an easel which was set on a table next to the tripod. The girls also taped a lyric sheet on my back so they could refer to that for cues. Noisemakers were placed on the floor and in pockets, at the ready for the rousing finale.

Though we were all exhausted afterward, we had a blast and enjoyed watching the footage and bloopers. Now it's time to decide on a take to use, add titles and credits, then we'll make it available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook and many online venues. Night of the Bedbugs is currently available for pre-order at and at your local comic book shop sometime in December. It's also for pre-order sale at many online bookstores, like Borders, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million, and will be in fine bookstores late March 2010.



On this Thanksgiving weekend, I want to extend the thanks we gave as a family 'round the dinner table on the holiday itself. So, I want to give thanks:

• ...for my life, especially after hitting that tree while snowmobiling in March.

• ...that I've been healing since both body and mind, with the help and care of my family, the patient and kind attention of many doctors and nurses, and the thoughtful support of my many friends, extended family and relatives.

• ...for my wife, Mary, my cornerstone, without whom I'm not sure what I would have done or how I'd make it through my most desperate and anxious moments. She's been loving and super-patient during my sickness, in ways she couldn't have anticipated even when saying her vows now over twenty years ago. It wasn't the ideal 20th Anniversary, Sweetie, and I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

• my daughters, Laura and Emily, whom I've no doubt given quite a scare. Thanks for all the hugs, kisses and other various subtle and overt expressions of love. You gals make me smile, keep me on my toes, and challenge me to strive to be a better Dad.

• ...that Blue Moon Studios has had enough work to get through a difficult time personally, during rough economic times. What a blessing that Mary and I can work together at home, in studio, drawing away for most of the last twenty-five years. Seriously, we get to draw and color and paint and do what we love for a living! Through all the ups & downs, the roller coaster freelance lifestyle, we consider ourselves fortunate.

• ...that the children's book I've worked at on and off for years, Night of the Bedbugs found a publisher in Image/Silverline. Thanks to Jim Valentino and Kris Simon, and the advice of Alex Grecian, Larry Marder, and once again, my wife, Mary, (who I really should listen to more).

• my creative collaborators, past, present and future, as there is more work to be done, more comics to make.

• all of you readers, fellow artists, fans and friends. Thanks for being here, there and everywhere.



Self Portrait in Noir

Kind of a rough day yesterday.

But I'm much better now!


Michael Schenker Shirt Art

Having seen UFO in concert ten days back, I've been listening to their music, old and new and am in a real UFO/Michael Schenker phase. Reading again my recent post about seeing them live, I realize I can't truly call my interest in the group and Schenker an obsession, not when compared to how attentive and devoted my brothers' have been as fans and with their tribute band they've had going now over a decade. An MST article at their site is worth a read, from a few years ago now, covering the distinction between a "cover band" and a "tribute band." This interest all started over thirty years ago when my older brother, Karl, the guitarist brought UFO and Schenker into the house. We were such Schenker fans, I drew up two different tee shirts. We printed plenty and sold them at our high school. I recall spending some hours drawing up the art for the shirts, up in my bedroom, listening to their live album, Strangers in the Night over and over again 'til the art was done. I worked in pencil, making sure the lines were dark and clean so it'd print and be screen printed onto the tees nicely.

I was about 15 years old when I drew these shirts. I couldn't find the original shirt, in which Schenker was depicted with scraggly hair covering his face, but I prefer this second shirt where he's sporting a new haircut and lotsa leather. This shirt doesn't fit me anymore.  = - )


The Snow Lay On the Ground

A view from the studio window, perhaps not an unexpected sight in Minnesota in October. But, perhaps it's time to take in the patio lounges and take down the volleyball net?