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Blue Moon Crew

Concerning the doings of Blue Moon Studios and the Fricke Family: The Blue Moon Crew

Christmas Dove


Squirrels and birds have been showing up for months on our new deck, but we hadn't seen a dove...'til Christmas day.


Merry Christmas!


Mary really went to town with Photoshop for the official Christmas family photo this year. Even the presidents are getting in on the act!


Emily was awestruck and transfixed when we finished lighting and decorating the tree a week or two ago. We're still using most of the very same strings and big lights we had for our tree when I was growing up.


We're spending Christmas day right here at home this year. Gifts and brunch and chocolate and toys and sledding and steak dinner. Yum! Peace to you this Christmas. Have a great day!




Laura in Winter


If not Christmas, this one's in the Winter theme, at least. From about five years back, here's a quick sketch of my daughter Laura. About to board the school bus for another day of kindergarten, she was all decked out for Minnesota weather.


New Blue Moon Rising

Blue Moon Rise From my point of view, this has been a long time coming, so I'm pleased and proud to present here the new Blue Moon Studios web site, complete with this fully integrated blog. We've set it up this way to make it easier for readers to not only keep up with the latest goings on here at Blue Moon through the blog, but also to check out other art, features and info, all while never leaving the site. My particular and special thanks goes out to my pal and web guru, Mitch Rossow. For many months, he slogged through with me to get this site up and running. Mitch has been invaluable with advice and consultation at the early stages of the conception, design and structure of the site, and also through the building process, even teaching me a little code along the way. So now it's a cinch for me to maintain and add content, and simple for readers to stroll through the site in smooth and streamlined fashion. Check out his work and web philosophy at the Mitch Rossow Design site, and behold his daily photo blog at Thanks, Mitch!