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All about the childrens book, "Night of the Bedbugs" and everything Bed-buggy.

Twin Cities Book Festival

On Saturday, October 15, I'll be appearing as a featured author at Rain Taxi's 11th annual Twin Cities Book Festival, a FREE event open to the public. Thousands of book lovers attend each year to meet their favorite local and international authors, for readings, panels, talks, and to snatch up a bunch of books, of course!

I'll kick off the kid's book events at the Children's Pavilion with a reading of my Night of the Bedbugs at 10:30 AM, followed by an all-day drawing/cartooning workshop from 11AM-4PM. I'll be on hand to show young artists how to draw features and expressions, create their own characters and start making their own book. Paper and drawing implements will be supplied; you just need to bring your curiosity and imagination. Drop by anytime!

Copies of Night of the Bedbugs will be available for purchase from The Red Balloon. I'll be happy to sign and do a sketch in your copy. See you there!


September is Bedbugs Awareness Month!

Cute, cartoony Bedbugs from my Night of the Bedbugs kid's book, that is! Spread Bedbugs Awareness: • Email us your mailing address and receive a FREE color Bedbugs sketch (approx 3"x5") and tattoo. (If you have more than one child, please send names). bedbugsmonth@bedbugsmania.comSHARE with a friend to qualify for a larger Bedbugs sketch or signed book. Have your friend follow step 1 (above) and make sure they mention "(Your Name) sent me!" • Write and post a review of the book at your blog or Send us a link to qualify for a larger Bedbugs sketch or signed book. • Post a link at your site to with the official Bedbugs ribbon image. • Give someone a Bedbug Hug! Below is a smaller image of the official Bedbugs Awareness ribbon:


Bedbugs March In Madison!

The Blue Moon Crew hit the road on April 1 (no joke!) so the Bedbugs and I could visit Westfield Comics in Madison, Wisconsin on April 2 for a reading, cartooning workshop and signing. I begin each event such as this showing children how I created and evolved the Bedbugs characters, then we explore various ways to draw the main features of the face: eyes; nose; mouth. With these tools, anyone can mix & match on any face shape to show a multitude of expressions and emotions. It was great to see the kids there drawing and creating their own characters. I read the Night of the Bedbugs book as a slideshow on a TV screen, large enough for everyone in the room to see. What fun to hear  kids laugh at different parts of the story - how gratifying! They also loved the Bedbugs Boogie and Bedbug Lullaby music videos. After the presentation, I juggled Bedbugs beanbags and juggling pins, chatted with those who purchased books, signing and doing sketches, and mixing it up with old friends who stopped by. Good time! Thanks to our pals, the Carani family for helping set up the appearance, being fine hosts and taking pics & vid. Everyone at Westfield was great - thanks, to Bob Moreau & Co!  


FREE Bedbugs mini-sketch & temporary tattoo

A Facebook friend commented on one of my blog posts this week, and I noticed he had a small boy, so asked for his address and sent this small Bedbugs sketch and a temporary Bedbugs tattoo. I'll do the same for you if you send a photo of your child with their copy of Night of the Bedbugs, comment on the Blue Moon Studios blog or send me a link to a review of  my Bedbugs book at Alert me at Of course, new and long time Bedbugs fans have a chance to win a larger sketch and prize package when you LIKE the Bedbugs Facebook Fan Page. Spread the word!


Sketchbook Month: The Bug on the Hill

One last Bedbugs sketch before the month is over. Done in marker on bristol, and yes, it's another Beatles reference.


Bedbugs Hit The Road

Midwest fans of comics, kid's books, Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones cartoons: Stop by and see me in Madison or near Chicago the first weekend of April, and bring the kids for tons of Bedbugs Fun!

Inside Westfield Comics; Madison, Wisconsin

I'll be at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI Saturday, April 2 and Keith's Komix in Schaumburg, IL on Sunday, April 3 leading a Cartooning Workshop for kids, reading and signing my Night of the Bedbugs children's book, juggling, showing music videos and more. Click the links for more info.

Keith at Keith's Komix; Schaumburg, Illinois

Besides books, I'll have Bedbugs tees, sketches, buttons, marbles, tattoos, as well as the assorted superhero, comic book or Trollords sketches. See you here or there!


Sketchbook Month: Eight ‘Bugs a Week

With all the Bedbugs drawings I've been posting during Sketchbook Month so far, it must seem like more than eight a week. That all changes tomorrow.


Sketchbook Month: All You Need is 'Bugs

Yeah, I know I said I'd have something other than Bedbugs this week, but here's a couple more...


Bedbugs at Wild Rumpus!

The Bedbugs and I hung out with lotsa kids at a premiere Minneapolis book store on Saturday, March 5: Wild Rumpus. We watched Bedbugs music videos, I juggled Bedbugs beanbags/stuffed toys, we drew together during my cartooning workshop, we sang the Bedbugs Lullaby, and afterward I signed books and sketched. What a great place! It was busy and bustling with parents, kids and animals, and there's plenty to take in and look at. Make sure you make a visit soon or when next in town.

Professor Fricke conducts the cartooning workshop.

Jugglin' 'Bugs!

A view of the crowd and shop from behind the easel.

The Wild Rumpus ceiling, as startling and creative as the rest of the store - a surprise around every corner, wherever one looks!


Bedbugs Lullaby Music Video

The new and latest Bedbugs music video was launched on YouTube today: the Bedbug Lullaby. Check it out at the bedbugsfun YouTube channel, and while there watch the other vids, whether you've seen before or not! Both the rough layout and final art were done digitally, drawn on my Cintiq screen. I roughed up the art a wee bit by adding noise and with a Photoshop chalk brush. While I like it, it's a little too clean - maybe I should've drawn it by hand on pastel paper... I recorded the piano track with the help of my pal, Mark Flora, who also played guitar and did other stuff for my Bedbugs Boogie music video. Then last week, my daughters, Laura and Emily and I headed out to his place with eight helium balloons to record  vocals for the Bedbugs. We took some making of snaps during the session.

With Mark at the recording helm with Logic Express on his Mac, Laura takes in some helium while Emily looks on.

Laura sings, Emily mugs for the camera, awaiting her turn at the mike.

Emily sings, Laura mugs.

All that helium can make one trippy!

Laura at the mike again for another take, stacking vocals.

No idea what goes on here - Laura lunging with a balloon? Like I said: trippy.

Mark and Emily exchange a glance after a job well done.