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This week: drawing some of my favorite ladies of the Silver Screen.


TothPix - CARtoons: Copping Out

Another super page by Toth from his mid-'60s CARtoons, collected in the now-rare One For the Road - Toth employed a less cartoony style for this one-pager, tho the sarge's face in the last panel for the punchline is comical. Great page composition here with a variety of angles to balance the page. Clever bits throughout like the badge shape for the title, the superb use of perspective (that unmarked vehicle in panel 1 - WOW!), low-angle shot for panel 3 and nice use of craft-tint board for tones and texture. Though more realistic, the drawing is still as simple as can be with so many details still there. That figure in panel 4 kills me - it could come off as awkward, but is natural as the young cop approaches the vehicle. My only complaint is the placement of the word balloon in panel 3 - no need to have placed it over the bumper of the car in panel 1. Could've/should've been placed at the bottom of the panel - plenty of room. More CARtoons next week...!


Emoto Music CD Cover

I just realized I never posted this image on the blog, my favorite of the three CD covers I did a few years ago for Emoto Music.

The first two covered the Who and What, but the third answers the question to some degree with Where, featuring not only their logo, but elements that are actually in their lobby, larger than life (the dragon fly, bowling pin and alligator). How'd you like to start work each day walking by those statues?


Sketch Smörgåsbord

A plethora of sketches from the last couple weeks, some in Manga Studio, most with a Pentel Pocket Brush...


TothPix - CARtoons: All Show, No Go

Another fun Toth page from his hot rod CARtoons from the mid-'60s -

I don't get the final gag, exactly, 'cept the decal guy is a poser/neophyte, but the characters and cartooning here are great! Toth effortlessly swings a cartoony and expressive style here, one that'd easily have fit in the pages of MAD magazine in its early heydays.

Superb movement, gesture and body language in this panel (above). The sweep of Mr. Decal's legs as he works under the hood - those folds! That short, stocky kid leaning in, toy dragster in tow. Lovely! Wonderful faces and expressions in the middle panel of the page: the dude all nonchalant with his single-tooth smile; that kid with the over-sized Harry Carrey glasses - fun! This is the kind of cartooning we'd see more and more from Toth the rest of his career - in his character designs for cartoons, his one-shot humorous strips and daily doodles. Embarrassed, the guy makes his exit in a pose that is positively Kurtzmanesque! (More here.) Even in this simple frame of three figures with no backgrounds, notice how Toth finds way to place shadows on his figures for depth, direction and design. So many sweet details: the big grin, the spastic motion lines, dangling cigarette, questions marks over Dad's head, the twisty chinstrap, and that kid and his goofy glasses! So good. More CARtoons next week...!


Comics Man!

It's been two months since the last Intro to Comics class at MCAD, and I miss it. During that last session, some students gave me a sheet of drawings they'd done. Chan Chau kicked it off with the many moods of Mad Paul...

Most of these are more accurate than I'd like to admit.

Caroline saw me as a manga superhero:

Chan again, depicting me as a barrel-chested knight, as deluded as Don Quixote!

Brando's take:

HA! I may technically be a Baby Boomer, but I'm not quite that old. But once in a blue moon this Simon & Garfunkel fan is Feelin' Groovy.

Chan says I get this manga-like twinkle in my eye when I talk comics. I've heard this many times before, and it's even been caught on video (gotta share that someday).

Best I can figure Sugoi is a clothing outfit. What, do they sell Hawaiian shirts?!

And you can take the boy out of Chicago, but not Chicago out of the boy. Young Wisconsin cartoonist Jei sez I pronounce 'comics' thus:

Anyways, always and ever a Mid-Westerner.

Thanks, y'all! More Mad Paul comics coming soon...?


Dead to Me

Another cartoon by an MCAD student from our class:

Heh. Actually: I liked Zombies Calling, really liked Friends With Boys, and LOVED The War at Ellsmere, by Faith Erin Hicks. ALL recommended! Apparently, Zombies Calling was to her what Dave Sim's Cerebus was to me. Cartoon by the talented Jei Gross.


Harry, Larry & Jerry Sketch

I whipped up this Trollords drawing for a fan yesterday...

My initial sketch could barely be called pencils - just a rough guide for the ink drawing, with my trusty Niji waterbrush. Took about 15-20 minutes. Every time I draw these guys now it's like going back in time. The shapes, patterns and squiggles are so familiar to me - I drew the trolls so many times - my hand and brush fall into a rhythm. In this case, even while trying to bring something new to the characters as the cartoonist I've become, drawing is a sense memory. To view this drawing at a larger size, visit the Saturday Sketch-Day blog, and check out my pals' sketches while there!


Impressions of Don Quixote

After I'd finished my drawing of Quixote, I searched for how others envisioned him. Honore Daumier did several sketches, studies and paintings. Here are some of the best...

Great rhythm, line and shadow on this one, then he flips the canvas for a vertical shot (below) -

A nice study (above) and the finished painting (below)...

Gorgeous! Interesting that he changed the color palette to nearly all warm. Superb figures, outlines and action.

Then Don & Sancho make their way thru a dark passageway...

This study looks real good to me, but...'s another take/treatment of a similar set-up -

Picasso's Quixote is very well-known, and for obvious reasons. Striking. Lotsa people have tattooed this one on the bodies...

...and some have made sculptures...

Some artists depict Quixote not in the sun on his horse, but in his study...

..but outside is the most-used and iconic. Not sure who did this one, but even in black & white wash, one can feel the heat.

And just as well in color...

© Kevin Middleton

Lotsa great stuff! Wonderful inspiration from Cervantes' lasting character.


AlphaBooks: Don Quixote

My contribution to the Alphabooks blog this week: D is for Don Quixote, in black and white and on parchment texture -
For a slightly larger view, see Alphabooks...and check all the various entries - just look at 'em all! And we're only through "D" so far...!