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Author: Paul Fricke


Mad Paul Goes Trollin'

Nothing like a teacher stalking you - just ask my student, Chan. A couple weeks ago, I popped in on one of her live streaming video sketch sessions (just to see what the kids are up to these days). She enjoyed so much me peeking over her virtual shoulder as she drew, I'm sure, and bristled when I gave her some crap about her lack of backgrounds on some pages. Just what she wanted to hear!

So she answered with these quick sketches, which I screencapped, just before she erased them:




Maybe I'll pay her another visit soon...?


Primal Screech

A couple more Primal Scream sketches, these taking a cue from the long digits of Schiele.



I take 5-7 minutes for these, quick, with a pencil, in an effort to exorcise twisted images from my psyche. Not sure it's working...


The Batman

The Batman

Convention drawing, SpringCon, MN, 2013.


Primal Scrawls

More from my Primal Scream series: primal_scream_02

Primal Scrawl


Primal Screech


Primal Scream


Lots going on right now. This kinda sums it up.


Sketching Students and Such

It was mostly a workshop day in class Monday for my Comics students, drawing and fashioning stories for their final project. That gave me time to sketch them as they worked, on my attendance notes. Mr. Drawing Board Belly, bedbugs, Batman and other goons showed up, too - none of whom are my students.



Cheese Pig


My wife called me a cheese pig the other night. I kept nibbling Co-jack as we prepped for dinner. She was so mad! Cheese doesn't last long in this house with me. Cheese Pig! I really can't disagree.

Update: Just thought of some parody lyrics...

Cheese Pigs are made of cheese
Who am I to disagree
We travel Wisconsin, France and Germany
Everybody's looking for some cheese

Cheddar cheese wants to bemuse you
Camembert wants to be smoothed by you
Feta cheese will always abuse you
Colby cheese tends to make you snooze

Eat your cheese up, chew your cheese up, bindin' up

Cheese Pigs are made of cheese...


TothPix: Space Ghost Comics

I was pleased to discover a few years ago that Toth had drawn a Space Ghost comic book story (TV Stars #3 (1978), all five pages of which I present below. I cleaned up and tweaked the images as best I could - remastered, if you will. Enjoy!

SG_pilgreen01 SG_pilgreen02 SG_pilgreen03 SG_pilgreen04 SG_pilgreen05

Mark Evanier's title is a play on Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, which doesn't have anything to do with the story, really. Funny that while the character is named "Pilgreem" throughout the story, lettered by Toth, near as I can tell, whoever lettered the title (might've also been Toth) misspelled it as "Pilgreen." Whoops!

I love the design and set-up of the splash panel. Jan never looked curvier than in the 1st panel on page 3. There's a gorgeous sweep and flow to the last three panels of page 3, and the first three of page 4. And it'd be great to see the black and white art of the final panel of that same page to better check out the sexy lady alien feeding Buzzard grapes.

All in all, a tasty trifle, and great to see Toth handle these characters in print.

Extra! Space Ghost links, model sheets and video.

Next: The Many Moods of Toth, a gallery of faces and expressions.


TothPix: Foxy Shadows




Ladies & Criminals