Adventures in Odyssey Comics Bible

After several years in the comic book industry (at first self publishing, then working for established publishers like DC Comics), I began looking for chances to do comics outside the comics field. With The Adventures in Odyssey Bible, I got my first opportunity. Originally published in 1994, this bible utilized characters from the popular Odyssey series from Focus on the Family, now enjoying over twenty years of audio dramas, CDs, books and cartoon DVDs. odyssey.jpg From rough scripts provided, I adapted into comics form eight four-page color story inserts, adding dialogue where necessary, breaking down and laying out the story. Each morality tale features and takes its cue from a verse from the bible. We also provided the cover art, and forty or so black-and-white spot illustrations interspersed throughout the text of the bible. To begin work on this project, I was provided with a couple animated videos from which to determine character likenesses. Frustratingly, I was finally given model sheets only towards the end of the project. I did small page roughs on 3 x 5 cards, going directly to pencils then in larger 10 x 15 original art, sometimes penciling, inking and lettering more than a page a day. I had to work quickly, so as to keep feeding finished pages to the agency here in Minneapolis to the young guy coloring the pages. I found the coloring of the first story to be a tad too dark, but things improved rapidly after I spent an hour with him talking about coloring in general and how color can be used to aid the storytelling. During that session, it was the first time I saw my art blown up on a large computer screen, and I was sold. Within a year or two, we invested in a computer set-up of our own, and no longer had to farm out or sub-contract our color work. From then on, we've had more control over the work and schedule, and have kept more of the income in studio. Some sample comic book pages can be viewed in our Prime Projects section of this site (among work from other projects, so take a gander while there). Now out of print, used copies can still be found at amazon, ebay or half.com, etc. odyssey_cov.gif

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