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Archive for February 2010


Lovely Rita


When I'm 164


Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

Happy Valentine's Day, All! The unfortunately named Landon Pigg caught my ear this past year with a sweet tune, Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop. Click that link to play at, or watch the vid. And check out our previous Valentine's-related posts right here at the Blue Moon Blog.


Spy of The Ring

A quick sketch of a spy from Chuck; both B&W and color versions.


Who's On Stage?

I'm not planning on watching the Super Bowl, but I may tune in for The Who at halftime. In their honor, here's a funny cartoon routine called Who's On Stage, featuring Slappy Squirrel and her nephew, Skippy from the Animaniacs, riffing off the original Who's On First? routine by Abbott & Costello, also posted below. Maybe the latter only plays with a crowd my age - my daughters were bored with it and bailed half-way through. And you have to know the three band names used in the Who routine, but I find both timeless and funny.