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Archive for May 2009


In Salute: Memorial Day 2009


It's Hard Out There For a Clown

Not sure why I was asked to draw a sweaty clown, but there you go. Pulled from the archives, circa early '90s. Drawn with a Hunt crow quill. I'd approach this in an entirely different manner if given the same assignment now.


Sketching Dogs

No, the dogs aren't sketching, I'm sketching them. They can't, they have paws.

Last month I drew a couple dogs, preliminary sketches for a tee shirt design which has changed direction since, so these two won't be used. I was drawn to the terrier 'cause they remind me of the schnauzers my grandparents had. They lived next door when I was growing up, so I saw plenty of Jackie and Jilly.

The other is based on a Pomeranian or a Samoyed. This last is a mutt of some kind, designed last year around this time for a project that never quite got off the ground. I'll post the finished art for the tee shirt when it's finished.


Li'l Nozl

A new character, sketched in moments on a post-it during a game/movie family night. He's squirty!


It's Clobberin' Time!

Another con sketch, this one just found in a stack in the studio. Always fun to draw The Thing. So I've got a good stack of con sketches built up, but due to health issues had to cancel my appearance at the Kansas comic show tomorrow. So I'll save the sketches for the next show I do, or will figure another way to make them available.


Bigfoot Beside Himself, or...Primal Pissed PROOF

Pulling out the stops for one bent-out-of-shape Bigfoot, yet another sketch for the upcoming Kansas comicon.


We All Will Die

Peerless prognostication from the always ebullient Dover Demon in another sketch that will be available for purchase at the Kansas FreeCon this coming weekend:

The Dover Demon hails from the superb comic book, Proof. If you're not reading it, you should be.


Kansas FreeCon Podcast Interview

Via iTunes or an mp3 stream or download, you can now listen to me flap my gums in a recent interview for the Kansas Free State FreeCon.

Con director and podcast host, Craig Klotz puts together an engaging and informative show. It was a blast to kibitz with him on my comics career, early and upcoming projects and all goings-on here at Blue Moon Studios. Leading off that episode (#8) is a two-fer interview with Proof creators  Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo, so my interview rounds out about an hour of fun chat about comics and pop culture. Craig and I especially had a great time discovering we share the same favorite Dr. Suess book -- it may not be one you'd guess. Give it a listen, and other episodes which feature fellow guests, like Ande Parks who'll be appearing at the show May 16 in Lawrence, Kansas.


Con Sketch: Obi Wan

Another sketch I'll have with me at the comicon in Kansas next weekend:

I haven't watched any Star Wars in several months, but seem to have New Hope on the brain when it comes to sketches.


Bedbugs: Be Quiet!

It's been a busy week in many ways, on many fronts. While working on a few different jobs on my plate, and trying not to get sidetracked by doctor visits, signing papers at a bank, having a plumber fix a couple leaks, planning for the Summer and continuing to heal my busted body, I made good progress on my word & picture book, Night of the Bedbugs. Here's a recently completed panel, a favorite of mine so far:

There will be a day soon where no person or character will be asking you to be quiet about Bedbugs. Stay tuned.