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Archive for April 2009


Charlie Griak's Fever

Illustrator and good friend Charlie Griak's animated short, Fever is now available on iTunes. Something of a futuristic take on Crime & Punishment, Charlie originally intended this project to be a fairly simple four-minute animation, but he couldn't help himself and got carried away, doing far more full and complex animation as the short ballooned to nearly ten minutes in length, doing the lion's share of the work himself.

View a trailer in the Animation section of his site, as well as his superb vector and traditional illustration. For only $1.99 at iTunes you're getting a lot of bang for your couple bucks. To whet your appetite, below are a few more screen caps from Fever:

Also, Charlie's blog is an insightful and intriguing glimpse into the creative process of an artist bridging the gap between traditional an digital illsutration, and personal and paying work.


Minnesota MicroCon 2009 Photo Report

I had a fine time at another MN MicroCon comics show Sunday. I was pleased to visit with friends visiting from out of town once again, and to catch up so many good friends and artists from right here in the Twin Cities I don't seem to see often enough. Actually, I'm pleased I was able to stand upright, still on medication and healing after my recent accident.

My old Trollords partner and pal, Scott Beaderstadt was doing gangbusters business at the table next to mine, selling tons of art prints, sketches and original art.

He drove up from Chicago with our buddy, Keith, who runs one of finest comic shops in Illinois.

My daughter, Emily and renowned convention "Cookie Girl" had some drawing pointers for "Uncle Picklehead," but I'm not sure how receptive he was to the constructive criticism. Emily was hard at work the week before the preparing cookie batter, then baking up about 150 of her patented Funky Monkey Cookies, selling out of all four flavors.

Taking a walk around the show, we saw:

Booster Gold creator, artist and writer, Dan Jurgens surrounded by ardent fans...

...Irredeemable (Boom! Studios) artist Peter Krause and Gordon Purcell apparently in some sort of contest for the best Paul Lynde impersonation...

...Sam Hiti, best known for Lemony Snicket comics and the superb End Times: Tiempos Finales. Keep an eye out -- he has new books out in June...

...the unrelated Zander & Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic. Visit their site to learn about their myriad 2009 releases, and previous and upcoming projects.

...Scooby Doo scribe and City Pages Best Wrestler, Terrance "Spider-Baby" Greip...

...old pal, Prime co-creator Professor Len Strazewski...

...Matt Wendt and Becky Grutzik of Planet Doom Studios, and their alternately cute and bloody Peep comics, and other projects...

...and a cornucopia of costumed attendees:

Fun was had by all! I was juggling bedbugs beanbags, and from the looks of it, more than a little hopped up on Percocet:

See you all in the Fall!


MicroCon: Bedbugs Marbles

If you love comics, marbles & Bedbugs, then you should be at the Minnesota MicroCon today.  See you there!


Jewish Robot Comics

The title of this post may seem an unlikely combination of words, but what's even more improbable is that in my work I've had cause to string them together more than once! The latest three-page comic strip for Tzivos Hashem's Kid's Zone magazine gave me a chance to design and draw a crazy robot to help our pal, Joey learn about Passover. It all starts when he's gotten a late start on his science project:

Next thing you know he's whipping up a super-robot in his garage who might be able to compete on Iron Chef:

Read the rest of the story, and Joey's other comics at our Prime Projects section of this site.

And click the link to see another image from our Gallery you might find in a google search for "Jewish Robot Comics."


Bedbugs Buttons

I'll have some of these Bedbugs buttons available at the Minnesota MicroCon this Sunday. They're 2.5" in diameter. I'll also have Bedbugs tees, marbles, ABC mini-comics, original art, as well as many more preview pages from my word & picture book, Night of the Bedbugs, which is nearing completion.


Bedbugs Blueprint

I whipped up this quick blueprint yesterday for a Bedbugs item, from which we're making prototypes to have at upcoming appearances, like the Minnesota MicroCon next Sunday. Can anyone guess what it's to be?

Hint: it's a hybrid. The first to guess correctly and completely in Comments will win a plethora of other Bedbugs merchandise to be awarded at a show in person or via mail. And don't cheat: if you already know, you're ineligable. I'll give you a kiss instead.


Pol Sketch


Real Green Eggs & Ham

My daughter, Emily wanted a special breakfast this morning to give here extra energy and focus for an MCA test at school today (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment). We had some leftover ham from Easter dinner, so she chose a rather literary inspiration: Green Eggs & Ham!



Obama: A Lot On His Plate

Trying my hand at a new area of illustration, I began exploring this political idea featuring President Obama. He's got a lot on his plate, but I was looking to stress he might be taking on more than he can chew.

I began by sketching what I'd seen in my mind's eye when the concept first came to me. I wanted Obama to be as big in the piece as possible, but wondered if he should be smaller in comparison to the plate, to exaggerate more his task or goals and really make the point. Quick sketches like this only take a minute or two, so it's no big deal and well worth it to explore other approaches.

I tried a profile with a bigger plate, but didn't like it much. The third sketch is the avenue I'd take if I were going for a true editorial cartoon look and tone. But that's not the kind of work I'm looking to do. I'm shooting for editorial illustration, pieces that would accompany an article in a magazine or on line. So  I reverted back to my original path, trying to make the plate and its contents as large in the piece as possible.

My first pencil was too cartoony, so I abandoned it and dove in again. Here's the final inked piece:

View the final color art in the Blue Moon Gallery.


Easter Sculpies

The girls broke out the sculpy again this holiday, and made little decorative gifts for friends and family.

Emily made the detailed Eggs in a Basket, the magenta Easter Bunny and the Opposite Egg Basket on the far right. Laura fashioned the Three Little Chicks. Cute!

And here's Laura's little Curled Eared Bunny, which she presented to friends last night:

Li'l Mrs. Sweetheart got dolled up to pass out gifts on Easter morning. She loves to poof up the dress!

Happy Easter, every one!