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Archive for October 2008


Happy Halloween from Frankie!

Happy Halloween from the Blue Moon Crew and Frankie, our Hallow's Eve pal for about a decade!


Herman Humpback Sketch

While making new decorations for Halloween, I did a quick sketch of this Igor-type dude with a fine black pen.  After scanning, I inked up his twin with the trusty Niji waterbrush. Scary, keeds!


Hallow's Eve Jury

Like yesterday's Halloween decoration, this Jury From Hell was done with colored pencils, over a black marker line drawing on a wine-colored matte board.


Halloween Decorations: Wolfman

We've been displaying this homemade Wolfman poster every Halloween for the last deacde. Done with colored pencils on black board, with a splash of white-out to make it pop. It's measures about 4' tall.


Sketching From Behind

A couple backsides sketches: Mitchum in Crossfire; "Chuck" from ABC's delightful Pushing Daisies.


Sketching Campaign 2008, Part 4: Perturbed Candidates

Roughly, in Latin: Candidati Perturbus. It's been a long campaign for them, too:


Sketching Mariska

She plays Olivia on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (which has been awful good this season so far). It's a pretty grim show, so Mariska doesn't get to display her naturally sunny disposition often. Either way, she's gorgeous (must be the genes), now in her mid-40s, winning Emmys and accolades for her work on the show, now in its tenth season. That's great to see, since she spent so many years in the trenches before it clicked for her with L&O.


Noir Soldier

Again from the movie Crossfire, inked with the trusty Pentel Pocket Brush.


Man Faces

Robert Ryan, from the noir movie, Crossfire, and The Newt.


Decorated Halloween Gourds

Our nice neighbor, Deb took our girls to the pumpkin patch on a day off school Friday. Once home, the girls were busy decorating their gourds in plenty of time for the holiday. Laura's Friendly Gourds: security gourd Mr. Cheddar; groupie Noodle; Li'l Fro Dude; Googly; Red Stem; and the totally pimped-out Smiley.

Emily's Gourdy Band: (left to right) Cheddar and his son; Cooper on keyboard; Lead singer Fluff Guitar Man; on drums, Dino-Dude; and Booger-Man sings back-up.