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Archive for June 2008


Tickling Elvis

Between my regular gigs, work continues on the short story to appear in the Image comic book, Proof. Layouts are almost done, and I'm eager to start on the final art. For now, here's a quick preview of one more panel.


Elvis Chesnutt has an idea to tickle someone -- who, I wonder?!? Right now, creator Alex Grecian and I have it slotted for Proof # 17. Hop aboard to Proof Express before it passes you by. Issue 9 is due out soon, but you can catch up with the Proof trade paperback (collecting issues 1-5), out now.


Husk Horizon

Another Husk illustration I've pulled from the archives. What a weird feeling finding old pieces I'd completely forgotten I'd ever done.


Apocalyptic, ain't it? Maybe things are really heating up in their world? Or they're in a long, long gas line?


Weezer Music Vid a Crowd-Pleaser

You may have already seen this, as it's been making the rounds the last week, but the video for Weezer's new song Pork and Beans is utterly brilliant. Watch it first. More comments below. At first, it seems they're just referring to and riffing off the phenomenon, with themselves as characters and occasional snippets from popular viral YouTube videos, which is clever enough. But then these internet phenoms begin lip-syncing to Weezer's song, and we've entered another world. By vid's end, they're all together virtually in one big room spazzing out in all their self-referential-Andy-Warhol-fifteen-minute glory, extending their alloted time...if just for a bit. It's fun while watching to try and catch all the Internet Stars, some of which were, to me, only vaguely familiar. My daughters squealed when they spotted Charlie the Unicorn prancing around in the background. Me, I'm just glad someone gave Chris Crocker a hug. Looks like he needed one.


Crazy Food Chain

Do you ever feel like you're on the wrong end of the chain? As Satchel Page said, "Don't look back: something may be gaining on you."


I did this illustration several years ago for the cover of a small publication, but it was not in the end used on the cover. It was one of those situations where the Art Director was given new responsibilities and a free reign, but the Head Editor nixed it after I completed the art. "We can't use that on the cover!" She thought it too ugly or weird or some such. I was either given a kill fee or it was used inside the magazine as an accompanying spot illustration for an article. Looks like it was inked almost entirely with a Hunt crow quill. I always liked it, having gotten the chance to draw some of the crazy fantasy or hybrid creatures that sometimes spring out of my head and into my sketchbook. Many people have commented to me over the years they can't believe I've never done drugs. Here's a string of close-ups of all the creatures:



Bookmark as Business Card

I don't like business cards much. During nearly twenty-five years of freelancing as an artist, I've found I rarely need or use them. But a few times each year, I'd get caught empty-handed when someone would ask me for one, and I knew I needed something to hand out in those situations. So instead I had printed up a bunch of bookmarks. bms_bookmark.jpg I figure people may just keep a bookmark around for a while longer than any old business card as it actually has a use beyond itself. And one can never have too many bookmarks. The illustration on one side of the mark depicts a couple children reading at night under a blue moon, so people may also use it while reading to their kids, or give it to their kids to use. The idea is to provide a built-in reason for people to keep it around and out, so they'll see it more often and be reminded of our little company and what we do. And if it encourages anyone to read a bit more, all the better. They're a little bigger to carry than business cards, but I keep them in my car or carry bag whenever I go out. It usually gets folks' attention just because it's different -- it stands out. On the back of the bookmark, I simply list the web site address and few things one can find at our site. For more thoughts on trying something new with business cards or the like, my pal and fellow artist, Cedric Hohnstadt has designed a set of new cards for himself, prompted by a helpful article on the subject at the Pro Freelancing site.